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Introduction to InnoFaith beauty sciences

InnoFaith beauty sciences develops full-custom skin and hair diagnostic devices for the cosmetic industry and for housebrand Sylton. With our innovative approach to skin & appearance evaluation and image analysis, we offer unique turn-key solutions from idea conceptualisation to WW deployment and satisfactory customer support.

We have various central platforms and international resources for knowledges services.

More than 20 years of experience and profound knowledge of human skin and hair biology has led to the realisation of many successfull partnerships with cosmetic multinationals and beauty brands.

Sylton diagnostic instruments

Sylton is the housebrand of InnoFaith and offers you standardised diagnostic systems. 

The Sylton instruments:

  • allow the beauty consultant to visualise clients overall complexion & skin characteristics and to discuss personal skin concerns
  • provide the skin therapist flexible guidance to make professional skin care advice, to elaborate skincare regimen and to follow treatment plans
  • create an interactive and memorable sales experience on point of sale, in a beauty salon, Spa & welness, skin center
  • create new sales opportunities

Discover everything you need to know about the popular OBSERV®520 on the Sylton website and become a real skin expert!



To explore your possibilities for unique diagnostic instruments and consultation tools, please call us at +31 40 2908 160