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InnoFaith Beauty Sciences is a renowned expert in skin analysis, providing diagnostic equipment for the global beauty industry. Next to that, our exceptional engineering team at InnoFaith Beauty Sciences is dedicated to creating and developing top-notch products for Sylton. Given our extensive 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, we have established successful partnerships with numerous cosmetic multinationals as well as skincare brands. Therefore, making InnoFaith specialist of skin analysis.

In addition InnoFaith Beauty Sciences goes beyond standard offerings and provide full-custom products. These specialized solutions are crafted in close collaboration with our customers, including cosmetic multinationals and skincare brands. As a result of working closely with them, we enable the development of unique diagnostic concepts that align perfectly with their brand values. Additionally, our aim is to empower our partners to create innovative and personalized experiences for their customers, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

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InnoFaith was established over 25 years ago. Together with 25 employees working from their head office in Science Park Eindhoven.

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Launched in 2012, Sylton is the brand name under which our Observ products are presented to the skin analysis market.


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The Observ 520x is the most powerful skin consultation tool available to clearly diagnose and solve skin concerns. Additionally you can learn more on the Sylton website.

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