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Get to know team InnoFaith

Walter Arkesteijn

Owner and founder

Robert Versteeg

Managing Director

Monique Brilleslijper

New Business & Corporates Manager

Sasha Noppe

Distributor Relations Manager

Roland van Marlen

Lead Distribution Management

“Try to image the unimaginable, because unimaginable things are happening a lot”

William Liebregts

Business Analyst

Conny Kuijt

HR & Office Support

Carla Heyms

Marketing Manager

understanding and acting.
This is what we
do on an
international level”

Sanne Koning

Marketing Coordinator

Arnoud van Halen

Manager Engineering

Ken Dijkhoff

Supply Chain Engineer & ICT

Jennifer Blijlevens

Software Engineer

Sandra Bryan

Customer Support Engineer

Han van Triest

Software Engineer

Eilien Knook

Mechanical Design Engineer

“We make sure you will find what you are looking for. Maybe even what you didn’t know you needed”

Rowan Dings

Software Engineer

Siedse Buijs

Electronics Engineer

Mark Gasse

Software Engineer

Bart Kampers

Software Engineer

Sander de Laat

Software Engineer

Michiel van Osch

Software Engineer

Yao Martens-Wang

Supply Chain Planner

Rosalie Landstra

Admin Support

Sebastiaan Buckens

Warehouse Coordinator

Marcel Doreleijers

Warehouse Specialist


Science Park Eindhoven 5204-b
Son, The Netherlands


Phone: +31 40 2908 160
Email: contact@innofaith.com