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The evaluation of claims has become more important because of regulations and legal issues. Also, the expectation of clients has changed over the past years. This demands for a dedicated approach in order to be able to ‘proof’ the efficacy of your cosmetic product performance.

Claims can be related to:

Physico-chemical characteristics


Chemical analysis

Product performance

Customer preference

Often researchers and innovators ‘know’ what they are ‘looking for’, what the exact performance of formulations and products should be.

But it is also possible that there are more ways to measure the change, how are you sure which equipment to use?

Therefore it is very important to know the measuring principles of the equipment that could be used in a study.

We can help you on this point!

Together, we will look at your challenges and based on our experience, our knowledge of skin- and hair biology and our broad & professional network of skin doctors, dermatologists, experts and aesthetic medicine we can help through:

Advice on analysis equipment

Services for the development of algorithms, data processsing etc.

Acquiring data or assisting in a study method or collaboration with CRO

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